Contrary to expectations data suggests performance may decline especially if the task involves any cognitive effort.

Take money “off the table” altogether through financial independence.  This leads to better performance since people then work to provide a better product or service for people rather than for money.

Most people work for money and providing a service/good for people is a side effect.  A better way is to work to improve the human condition, and money is instead the side effect.

In mistaking convenience for progress, we’ve created environments that rob individuals of opportunities for healthier living.  A garage often takes away from the need to step outside and exercise. 

No garages. It takes 10min each way to bike or walk to or from the common parking area. 

More sharing means people spend less thus hastening their path to financial freedom.

In the first place people have more time to look up and take notice of things – and have the time to organize and mobilize when needed.  Moreover, as their own spending is more intentional, they recognize wasteful spending more readily.