Chapter 5 FREEDOM!

–  Once you’ve met your basic needs, save the remaining amount

–  Invest your savings largely using low-cost index funds

–  Once you have about 25X the amount of your annual living expenses, you will be financially independent

Modern medicine offers solutions that only enable you to get back to living the same unhealthy lifestyle that caused your medical problems to begin with.  

Contrary to the medical establishment’s view, there is no shortage of doctors.  Rather there are too many patients who should not be ill. Their illness is on account of their unhealthy lifestyle. 

75% of healthcare expenses are due to chronic disease in America.  Among the U. S. adult population it is estimated that 90% of type 2 diabetes, 80% of heart disease, 70% of strokes, and 70% of colon cancers could be avoided simply by healthier living. 

Unfortunately, its difficult to convince people to overcome consumerism for the health benefits alone.  On the other hand, nearly everyone is interested in financial freedom.  By setting a goal of financial independence through overcoming consumerism, we’re likely to lead much healthier lives.

– Mindless consumerism in pursuit of convenience robs people of the opportunities for consuming a healthy diet, exercising, spending time outdoors, etc. 

– Consumerism also adversely affects health by contributing in major ways to climate change, environmental toxins like pollution and endocrine disrupters, species extinction leading to greater human pathogens, etc.