In seeking to maximize profits, the food industry re-engineers food to maximize taste and lure customers to spend more.

1.  They add more fat, sugar, and salt to maximize taste

2.  They strip food of its nutrients to enable consumers to quickly wolf it down.

3.  They add chemicals and flavors to change food to maximize allure.

They also add preservatives and chemicals to prevent food from spoiling so it can be heated up quickly.  Similarly fast food restaurants offer foods without a wait. 

Since the end goal is more money, it leads to the commodification of animals to efficiently deliver them to the dinner table. Inefficiencies such as providing living space are not an issue since they only detract from the bottom line.  

It has enhanced our lives in many ways including helping us to overcome deadly infectious diseases, sanitation, and pleasurable activities including watching television.  It has adversely affected our lives by reducing our need to exercise, providing substitutes for natural foods, etc. 

It leads to air pollution, overfishing, climate change, species extinction, endocrine disruptors, deforestation, water pollution, and more.