Breaking the Chains: Rethinking Work and Consumerism

When I was a child, I never really thought much about what all the adults around me were doing.  But I assumed they were doing important stuff.  They all seemed to be busy working. Today, I see things a little differently.  I now think that at least half of people are very busy but not really doing anything.  Sure, there are some important jobs but there is a lot that is not. 

Some Employment Causes Harm

The same can be said of the construction industry.  Houses of course have been increasing in size over the decades without any corresponding increase in happiness.  We can go sector by sector across a range of industries to see that many of our jobs (possibly even most jobs) provide no real value. They do not enhance our happiness. They might even be detracting from our health, well-being and our happiness. 

Workers are Quiet Quitting

The Science of Wellbeing Tells us: Time for Change in Work

As a society we’ve become a hundred times more productive than our ancestors at the prodding of our political leaders.  The only problem was, we were never just cogs in a wheel interested in productivity.  We are interested in our health, wellbeing and ultimately our happiness. Instead we’ve taken away from those very elements most likely to bring us good health and happiness. It’s time for a paradigm shift, one that prioritizes human flourishing over senseless productivity.


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