Work is a Health Hazard

In contrast to our pre-industrial ancestors who moved around constantly throughout the day, most of us in the modern world are largely sedentary. Few of us realize just how hazardous this is. It’s true, sitting is the new smoking and our work is a health hazard.

Just a brief run down of the adverse health consequences from prolonged sitting include: increased rates of depression and anxiety, musculoskeletal problems (commonly back & neck strains), osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

Unfortunately, according to the American Heart Association, sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950.

Working from Home? No Better

You might think, thankfully more of us are working from home these days. At least we don’t have the sedentary commute to and from work everyday. And while that may be true, for too many of us that means that the clear delineation between work time and non-work time is blurred. Some of us are thus spending even more time sitting at a desk often in front of a computer.

Add to this the fact that our workdays are so rushed that often times breakfast is just a coffee or a breakfast taco on the go. Lunch is frequently eaten out. A rushed breakfast for parents means quick processed cereal for kids. Don’t even ask about the school lunch.

After Work -> Couch Time

Understandably, after a long day’s work, most of us want a little free time to ourselves. Naturally, the last thing on our mind is to come home to cook a nourishing meal for ourselves and our families. So this lifestyle just invites us to consume ready made processed alternatives instead. Thus our dietary choices compound our lack of movement.

Add in poor sleep and stress from years or decades of living this lifestyle and its no wonder that we have so much chronic disease burden that our ancestors almost never experienced.

School -> Also a Health Hazard

Sadly, our children are almost as bad off. Schools are unhealthy environments for our kids. They too sit for the large majority of their day confined to a desk. Presumably this is to prepare them for their sedentary lives ahead. To enforce the message, they are sure to get into trouble if they try to move around.

Time for a Change


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