Tommy George

How to Solve the Problem of Animal Cruelty

Chickens… often times are so top heavy that they are unable to stand. To save space, the birds are cramped into cages on top of one another and cannot even spread their wings.

Pigs, which are intelligent and sensitive animals, live their life in confinement without fresh air or sunlight, much less windows. They can barely turn around in their cages. In fact, the only time they do so is on their way to the slaughter house. A milk cow fares no better (read more)…

Left vs Right on Mental health: Both are wrong

We obviously have a mental health crises. It is worsening over time. I’ve alluded to this in previous posts. Briefly, here’s how are politicians are addressing the issue: The Left’s Solution More funding, expanding coverage via Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare, expanding coverage for substance abuse, emphasizing social determinants of mental health – education, poverty, housing. The Right’s Solution …

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