How to Solve the Problem of Animal Cruelty

It is said in the Bible that man was given dominion over animals. Unfortunately, what we see today is not dominion which comes with a responsibility to care for animals but utter domination of the animal world. The result is large scale destruction, waste, and cruelty towards animals in general (with the exception of cats and dogs who we oddly have a profound love for) and farm animals in particular.

Livestock Cruelty: Brief Description

Here’s an except from Health in Flames:

Chickens… often times are so top heavy that they are unable to stand. To save space, the birds are cramped into cages on top of one another and cannot even spread their wings.Pigs, which are intelligent and sensitive animals, live their life in confinement without fresh air or sunlight, much less windows. They can barely…

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

But imagine now that at least that some of the workers at these Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs were financially independent of their employers. How many of them would continue to work there? My guess is very few. Its not a pleasant job and that alone would justify quitting for most. Sure, some make so little that financial independence is never an option. And yet, if only 20% were to attain that level, we’d suddenly see a real impact. Among the issues impacted would be: deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, chronic diseases, and of course animal cruelty.

How to Reduce Meat Consumption


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