Left vs Right on Mental health: Both are wrong

We obviously have a mental health crises. It is worsening over time. I’ve alluded to this in previous posts. Briefly, here’s how are politicians are addressing the issue:

The Left’s Solution

More funding, expanding coverage via Medicare/Medicaid/Obamacare, expanding coverage for substance abuse, emphasizing social determinants of mental health – education, poverty, housing.

The Right’s Solution

Focus on state (instead of federal) funding, private sector, leveraging faith based organizations, strengthening families.

Both sides call for an increase in access to mental health care.

Why Both are Wrong

Modern day hunter gatherers seem to have excellent mental health where food scarcity is not an issue. Why so? Because they spend time together. They spend time outdoors in natural environments (*once upon a time, being outdoors automatically meant being in nature, sadly today we have to differentiate). They consume natural whole foods. They are physically engaged and they sleep well.

Today we almost take it for normal that large segments of our population should be afflicted with mental health problems. Not true. Depression, anxiety and most mental health disorders should be rare.

The point is that unless we address mindless consumerism that engineers away healthy living, we’ll only make progress along the margins at best.


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