Ozempic: Exposing The Unhidden Agenda

I’m a family doctor. Like my colleagues, I have and do prescribe Ozempic and similar medicines.  These are potent drugs that have helped many people to lose weight and control diabetes.  For the right patient it is a very effective drug.  That said, it’s a drug.  That is precisely the problem. True, it does have some rare but potentially very serious side effects.  That’s the problem you’ll hear most medical experts warn about. But that is not the main problem.  Let me explain to you what the real problem is.

Managing Chronic Disease vs Healthy Living

Increasing productivity vs Improving Well-being

Yes, we can do as our politicians (both on the right and the left) would like for us to do and continue to mindlessly consume. Such consumption stimulates the economy, leads to increased productivity and innovation.  That innovation leads to technological advancements that produce for us drugs like Ozempic.  Thus, we can effectively treat diabetes and obesity. That should enable us to return to our sedentary work environments to continue increasing productivity which will enable us to earn more and then spend ever more mindlessly and purchase even more products and services.

Healthy Living Translates to Happier Living


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